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Ominous breaking news coming out of Myanmar

By Romain Caillaud, principal of the consulting firm SIPA Partners and a researcher associated with the Singaporean think tank ISEAS. Ominous breaking news coming out of Myanmar: Ten years

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CA 47 – China’s Neighbourhood Policy – Feb 2014


All geopolitical developments in Asia are closely linked to China’s new neighbourhood policy. Over the past decade, relations between China and its neighbours have undergone dramatic changes. China’s emphasis on developing a favourable regional environment has been replaced by a new kind of foreign policy: Projecting assertiveness on maritime issues and pursuing a muscular trade policy. But how do neighbours react to this new neighbourhood policy? Is China becoming the nucleus of regional economic integration – or the key player in a series of different regional conflicts?

The latest issue of China Analysis, published by ECFR and Asia Centre, analyses China’s neighbourhood policy.




China’s neighbourhood policy: a CICIR roundtable (François Godement)

China and India: an uneasy peace (Martina Bassan)

Mongolia: China’s perfect neighbour? (Antoine Bondaz)

China’s relations with Central Asia (Marc Julienne)