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Ominous breaking news coming out of Myanmar

By Romain Caillaud, principal of the consulting firm SIPA Partners and a researcher associated with the Singaporean think tank ISEAS. Ominous breaking news coming out of Myanmar: Ten years

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The Strategic Context of China’s Advance in Latin America: An Update


Note n°17 de l’Observatoire de la Chine, par le Dr. Evan Ellis (Research Professor of Latin American studies at the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College)

This article examines the character of Chinese expansion into Latin America and the Caribbean in eight points, with an emphasis on recent developments and their strategic implications for the U.S. and the region.

  • China’s Objectives are Principally Economic, but Nonetheless Strategic
  • China Has a Plan
  • The PRC Seeks to Shape the Strategic Environment in Ways that Impact the U.S
  • Chinese Businesses on the Ground
  • Trans-Pacific Organized Crime
  • Chinese Military Engagement
  • Telecom and Space
  • Strategic Impacts