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Call for papers – Asia Trends #4 – "Local Analyses"


Researcher, PhD student, journalist or expert of an Asian country ? You have a good command of an Asian language and you follow the news and current debates in Asia? You are willing to contribute to an Asia-specialised young and promising journal and to join the Asia Centre network ?

We are looking for contributors for Asia Trends – l’Asie à la source, a bi-annual bilingual, cross-disciplinary bulletin. Asia Trends focuses on the strategic, political, social and economical issues in Asia and provides an original insight of the current developments in Asia, with a both academic and journalistic tone. Asia Trends aims to report the diversity of local views and actors through the use of sources in original language.

Our “Local Analyses” section is open to any topic related to current issues of a country or a region in Asia. The articles of this section must be based on sources in local language published within the last six months before the article’s submission. Find detailed guidelines here .

One article (1500 – 2000 words) is paid 200 euros.As the 4th edition of Asia Trends will be released by autumn 2018, the articles are due before September 3rd.

Contribution proposals for the next edition have to be sent to the chief editor (Camille Liffran, before July 15th. Please provide a provisional abstract of the article (between 60 and 150 words) with a short biography.