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[Visit] Asia Centre hosted a delegation from the Foreign Policy Advisory Committee of the Chinese MFA


Asia Centre welcomed the Foreign Policy Advisory Committee of the Chinese MFA representatives in Paris, July the 5th 2024.

The parties exchanged in-depth and substantive views on a variety of subjects related to international relations, especially concerning the relationship between France and the People’s Republic of China. The parties agreed to meet under the framework of Asia Centre’s Code of Conduct for Open Dialogue, whereas both parties are encouraged to publish their respective statements after the meeting.


Asia Centre’s statements regarding the July 5, 2024 meeting:

Geopolitical Environment in Asia:

Asia Centre is concerned with the significant geopolitical shifts occurring in Asia, particularly with China’s pivotal role. The longstanding close relationship between China and France underscores this importance. Economically, China’s transformation to become an extremely large industrial capacity builder and exporter is clear, as such, countries around the world are taking note, and are reacting to this. At the same time, there is a need for China to transition towards a consumer-driven economy.

Operations in China:

There is also concern about the ambiguity surrounding constrains on multi-national companies operating in China as the European Chamber Report “Finds Significant Deterioration of Business Confidence in China”.


Asia Centre is surprised by the Chinese delegation’s refusal to meet with Zelensky at the Shangri-La Dialogue and China’s absence at the recent summit on peace in Ukraine in Switzerland. From an external perspective, these actions make China’s position appear unbalanced, and the sentiment in Europe turns more negative, impacting trade and other exchanges. Can you provide any clarity on these issues?

UN arms embargo:

Asia Centre is concerned about Italy’s tax authorities that seized Chinese military drones disguised as wind turbine components “en route” to Libya. We are seeking clarification regarding this violation of the United Nations arms embargo.

Concluding remark:  

As the global center of gravity shifts towards Asia, China’s role becomes increasingly pivotal, affecting both the region and the world. Developments in Asia have significant global impacts, such as North Korea’s support for Russia and South Korea’s military aid to Poland and potentially Ukraine, framing the Ukraine conflict as an extension of Korean tensions. This new dynamic means that conflicts in Asia could directly impact European security. The critical question now is whether Asia will become a zone of confrontation or cooperation, with a concerning trend towards less cooperation. Therefore, maintaining open communication channels is crucial for fostering collaboration. France, with its unique global position, can facilitate discussions on issues like climate change, biodiversity, and AI, ensuring continued dialogue and cooperation despite political challenges.