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Conference: “The Challenge of Eurasian Geopolitics and Korea’s New Partnership with Europe”

Event description

23rd June 2022, CET 17:30-19:00

New Geopolitical Challenges and Korea-Europe Cooperation (by Jae-Seung Lee, Professor & Jean Monnet Chair, Korea University)

The Russian invasion of Ukraine brought a series of challenges ranging from security to supply chain to both Europe and East Asia. Prof. Jae-Seung Lee will address the prospects of Korea-Europe cooperation in the aftermath of the recent Ukrainian crisis. The issue of forthcoming NATO summit, US-China competition, Denuclearization of North Korea as well as supply chain of energy and strategic resources will be discussed. The conference will be delivered in English and will be moderated by Jean-Yves Colin, Asia Centre in-house expert for North East Asia, and Jean-François Di Meglio, President of the Asia Centre.


Lee Jae-seung [*]

Jean-Yves Colin [biography]

Jean-François Di Meglio [biography]


*Jae-Seung Lee is Professor and Jean Monnet Chair in College of International Studies, and former Dean of Graduate School of International Studies at Korea University. He also serves as Director of Nordic-Benelux Center and Managing Director of KU-Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. As a scholar in international political economy, Prof. Lee has authored a series of books and articles on Korea’s foreign policy, energy security and regional cooperation in Europe and Asia. His current research focuses on the Eurasian geopolitics as well as Korea-EU relations. Prof. Lee holds a B.A. in political science from Seoul National University, M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from Yale University. He has contributed op-ed articles to major Korean newspapers and has commented on international affairs for BBC, CNN and Korean broadcast stations.

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5:30 pm
Maison Suger, 16 Rue Suger 75006 Paris