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[Event] The role of Hong Kong as the International Financial Centre and its Future

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Asia Centre Hosts Insightful Seminar on Hong Kong’s Role as an International Financial Hub with HKMA Chief Eddie Yue

Paris, March 15, 2034

Asia Centre, the premier research institute dedicated to Asian economic studies, is proud to have conducted a substantial seminar highlighting Hong Kong’s evolving role as a global financial center. The event, held in Paris on the 15th of March, featured the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Mr. Eddie Yue, as the keynote speaker.

In the presence of over 80 distinguished guests from the financial, business, and academic sectors, Mr. Yue elucidated the robust nature of Hong Kong’s financial and monetary systems. His address emphasized Hong Kong’s resilient financial ecosystem and its vital role in the international finance arena. Furthermore, Mr. Yue’s insights into how Hong Kong is adeptly positioning itself amid shifting global trends — notably the region’s integration with Mainland China’s market openings and strides toward sustainability and digitization — were particularly enlightening, especially regarding green finance and fintech.

Complementing Mr. Yue’s comprehensive analysis, Mr. Jean-Pierre Landau, the esteemed former Deputy Governor of the Banque de France, provided his perspectives, underscoring the significance of Hong Kong’s financial sector from a European standpoint.

Founded in 2005, Asia Centre is an independent research institute in France that holds discussions and issues publications on matters relating to international and economic relations. Asia Centre and consortium secured “China Horizons”, a multi-annual, multi-million Euros Horizon Europe research project on China. Horizon Europe is the European Commission framework programme for research and innovation, succeeding Horizon 2020. The consortium implementing the project “Dealing with a resurgent China” started its work in November 2022.