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About Asia Centre ™

About Asia Centre 


Founded in 2005, Asia Centre is an independent research institute dedicated to fostering discourse and producing publications on a wide spectrum of topics encompassing international, strategic and economic relations, and geopolitical and social transformations prevalent in Asia-Pacific.

Teaming closely with an extensive network of experts, partners, and leading centers across Europe, North America, and Asia, Asia Centre engages to facilitate comprehensive discussions and generate nuanced insights. The outcomes carried out from original sources are widely distributed through the Centre’s publications as well as through international journals, books and media.


Furthermore, Asia Centre has established programs and initiatives designed to foster collaboration and innovation. Among these, Asia Sparks serves as a dynamic platform that brings together senior experts and emerging researchers onto collaborative projects. Asia Trends, our biannual publication, explores pressing contemporary issues affecting the region. DiploMatrix, introduced as an innovative, real-time index, monitors global tensions originating from China, making its insights accessible in an open format. 


Finally, in a significant collaborative effort since 2022, Asia Centre has partnered with a consortium of leading European research centers to spearhead “China Horizons”, an ambitious, 3-year Horizon Europe research project focusing on contemporary China and financed by the European Commission. 

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