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Picture of Olivier de Boysson

Olivier de Boysson

Olivier de Boysson is Chief Economist Emerging Markets at Société Générale Group. He is also deputy head of the Group Economic Research Department, in charge of macroeconomic forecasts as well as of macro risks and opportunities analysis. This includes elaborating macroeconomic assumptions for SG business plans and supervising the Country Risk analyses. He is heading a team involved in the investment and credit policies of the various business units of Société Générale.

Olivier de Boysson has been working in the banking industry with confirmed experience in Risk Management, Corporate Finance and Economic Research. He started his career at Paribas in the corporate finance department. He is a member of various groups of experts on international finance.

Olivier de Boysson graduated from École des Mines de Paris with a master’s degree in science and executive engineering (diplôme d’Ingénieur Civil des Mines). He has been a lecturer in economics at Sorbonne university, at College Interamées de Défense, and at Sciences Po. He is a member of the orientation council of Asia Centre and a member of Société de Géographie.

Published analyses - Asia Centre

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