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Is Taiwan a democracy like the others? Female Power in Taiwanese Politics • Pauline Geyer

PDF Pauline Geyer is a sparker at Asia Centre. This program aims to coach young specialists of Asia and allow them to post analysis for Asia Centre. Pauline’s paper dives in the Taiwanese politics and…
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Exploring the depth of Indian multilateralism • Pooja Jain Grégoire

PDF Through this analysis, Pooja Jain Grégoire, Research Fellow at Asia Centre dives into Indian multilateralism. Her paper explores Indian Multilateralism through two main aspects : firstly the evolution from Narrative Discourse to Complex Ground…
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[Conference: China Horizons] Chief Economist’s debate: Xi Jinping’s bet on red • George Magnus & Alicia Garcia-Herrero

On Monday 17 June, the Asia Centre and CERI at Sciences Po were delighted to invite George Magnus & Alicia…
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[Event] Visit from Dr. Alice Chang-Jung Yang and Dr. Chen Ming-chi • INDSR

On 10 June, Asia Centre had the pleasure of inviting Dr. Alice Chang-Jung Yang and Dr. Chen Ming-chi from the…
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Asia Centre offers consulting services to large enterprises and participates in public tenders from governmental institutions.

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