The “Chinese Spy Balloon” Incident: Why the Future of the Sino-American Relationship is still up in the air?

Louis Hobbs Martin wrote a paper on possible developments in Sino-American relations in 2023, in light of the recent tensions rekindled by the “Chinese spy balloon” incident. Read the full paper at the following link:…
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Organisation and (Lack of) Democracy in the Chinese Communist Party: A Critical Reading of the Successive Iterations of the Party Constitution

Jean-Pierre Cabestan has recently published a research article on the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 2022, in which he talks about the organisation of the Chinese Communist Party, comparing its successive versions and changes over…
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[Asia Centre in the media] Collision course: Will US-China tech race spin out of control?

On May 23rd, Jean-Baptiste Monnier was invited by France 24 to discuss the US – China tech race. Infuriated by…
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[Publication] Facing China: The Prospects For War and Peace, Jean-Pierre Cabestan

Asia Centre is pleased to announce the publication of a new book entitled “Facing China: The Prospects For War and…
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