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Auteur de la note

Pooja Jain Grégoire

Pooja Jain-Grégoire, is a Research Fellow at the Asia Centre. Her research focuses on Indian foreign policy, development partnerships, global governance, climate change and international aid.

She has been teaching International Development at Sciences Po Paris since 2015. She holds a post-doctorate in Africa-Asia relations from the Institute of African Worlds (IMAF), the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS). She also has a PhD in Political Science from Sciences Po Paris.

Autres analyses

Exploring the depth of Indian multilateralism • Pooja Jain Grégoire


Through this analysis, Pooja Jain Grégoire, Research Fellow at Asia Centre dives into Indian multilateralism. Her paper explores Indian Multilateralism through two main aspects : firstly the evolution from Narrative Discourse to Complex Ground Realities (1) and then the Implications of India’s Prolific Multilateralism for France and the EU.


You can read the whole analysis via the PDF button. Pooja’s paper will also appear in our next Asia Trends issue, that will be soon published… Have a pleasant reading.