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Auteur de la note

Dashtseren Batchimeg

Dashtseren Batchimeg is a self-reliant researcher specializing in geopolitics and
sustainable development. With a wealth of 15 years of experience in both corporate and
development banking, she has contributed her expertise to institutions such as VTB
Bank’s Paris branch and Agence Française de Développement. In addition to her
professional achievements, Batchimeg has shared her knowledge by teaching
international public law and international private law at the National University of
Mongolia. She earned her PhD in International Private Law from the State University of
Tomsk (Russia), a Masters degree in Business Law from the University of Paris –
Dauphine, and a Postgraduate degree in Banking Law from UCL – University College

Autres analyses

Mongolian game on the geopolitical chessboard or the comprehensive national power of Mongolia



Through this analysis, Dashtseren Batchimeg dives into the Mongolian game. This paper offers a complete panorama of Mongolia’s geopolitics, throughout its ressources, military power, and relations with its neighbors.

You can read the whole analysis via the PDF button. D.Batchimeg’s paper will also appear in our next Asia Trends issue, that will be soon published… Have a pleasant reading.

“I do not care how ephemeral I am, I care how eternal my empire is”.
Genghis Khan (1162-1227)

“A profound spiritual sensitivity belongs to the very fibre of your cultural identity, and it is proper that Mongolia should be a symbol of religious freedom”
Pope Francis (during his visit to Mongolia in 2023)