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Yves Jégourel

Yves Jégourel

Yves Jégourel is Full Professor at the University of Bordeaux and head of the Banking, finance and commodity trading (BFNI) master program. He is also Vice-Dean in charge of relations with companies within the Faculty of Economics, Management and Legal and Economic Studies (AES – administration économique et sociale). He teaches and researches the commodity Economics, with a particular focus on the common dynamics that characterize the agricultural, energy, minerals and metals sectors: the internationalization of physical markets, the position of traders, financialization dynamics, the role of artificial intelligence, price risk management, etc.

Yves Jégourel is also deputy director of the CyclOpe circle. As a consultant, he also works with companies, professional organizations, and public institutions to optimize their risk exposure to commodity markets. He holds a PhD in Economics and is a knight of the French National Order of Merit.

Published analyses - Asia Centre

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