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Former diplomat, Municipal Councillor of Boulogne-Billancourt, Territorial Councillor of Grand Paris Seine Ouest.

Spent twenty years in Europe (London, Berlin), North America (Washington, Toronto) and Asia (Phnom Penh, Bangkok) in the field of training and education for various French, European and foreign institutions.

He then spent twenty years as a French diplomat, mainly in Asia, where he was successively Director of the French Cultural Centre in Beijing and General Delegate of the Alliance Française in China; Regional Cooperation Advisor for ASEAN in Jakarta; Cooperation and Cultural Action Advisor in Islamabad.

He was also a representative of the French Presidency within the framework of the G8 and G20, and then of the General Secretariat of the COP21.

André de Bussy is an Officer of the National Order of Merit.

Published analyses - Asia Centre

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