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Picture of Geneviève Imbot-Bichet

Geneviève Imbot-Bichet

Geneviève Imbot-Bichet founded the “Bleu de Chine” editions. Geneviève Imbot-Bichet is also a sinologist and translates Chinese and French literary texts. At the same time, she is also a cultural consultant for “La Maison de la Chine”.

After studying Chinese in Taiwan for four years, Geneviève Imbot-Bichet worked at the French Embassy in Beijing for two years and made many friends, Chinese artists and writers. Geneviève Imbot-Bichet has translated and introduced notable Chinese writers including Jia Pingwa, Liu Zhenyun, Fang Fang, etc. Among the many works by Chinese writers she has translated and published, “The Fallen Capital” by Jia Pingwa, which won the Femina Prize for Foreign Literature, is the most emblematic work.

In addition, Geneviève also took the initiative to co-found the French version of the magazine “曙光” (Aurore) with the magazine “Littérature populaire” which is published both in France and abroad. She is mainly concerned with the translation aspects but she also personally contributed as an editorial director. She is also the overseas academic consultant of the Jia Pingwa Literature Museum.

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