Webinar: The significance of demographics in understanding Chinese foreign policy

Note: This event will be held fully in French.

Event description

29th of September 2021, CEST 09:00-10:30

Our guest speaker, Eva Merle with accompanying Dr David Delfolie will be giving a dynamic online talk on the significance of demographics in understanding Chinese foreign policy. This particular webinar will exceptionally be free of charge.

The session will be moderated by Jean-François Di Meglio. Time also for a Q&A session will be given at the end.

An introduction and the full study itself is available exclusively to Asia Centre’s Value members.

Download her study here.



Opening remarks [09:00-]


General presentation on Eva’s work

by Dr David Delfolie


Main presentation on the challenges faced

by Eva Merle


Closing remarks

by Jean-François Di Meglio


Q&A [-10:30]


A snippet of her study

“Thus, through this demonstration, I wish to highlight the link between the consequences of family planning policies at the local and national levels, and the Chinese government’s extraversion strategy pursued at the global level. The reality of the weakening of the economic model is obscured by the cavalier speeches of the leaders. Western elites, for their part, denounce the emergence of a predatory rival defying international norms. This confident attitude of China internationally serves to legitimize political power internally. The Party’s sustainability depends on its response to the expectations of the Chinese who have always known the promise of eternal growth, and continuous improvement in the quality of life.”*

*Study currently only available in French






9:00 am