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Ominous breaking news coming out of Myanmar

By Romain Caillaud, principal of the consulting firm SIPA Partners and a researcher associated with the Singaporean think tank ISEAS. Ominous breaking news coming out of Myanmar: Ten years

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CA 14 – July/Aug 2007


This autumn issue of China Analysis comes one month before the opening of the 17th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. This event is however ritualized and fades in comparison with the whirlwind of the Chinese economy which is experiencing an annual growth rate of over 11% and will undoubtedly leave China with a trade surplus of more than $300 billion in 2007. Nonetheless, it is giving rise not only to speculation but also, through positions taken, sheds light on the debates and the issues of concern to the Chinese leadership. It is fascinating to see how every hesitation points to a reminder that the final decision is in the hands of Hu Jintao. Thus, the man who restored the principle of collective leadership, and who set up, nominally at least, a system of transparency is more than ever the yibashou, or Number One, and a veritable black box when it comes to assessing Chinese intentions.




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