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Other analyses

A Trip to Japan — Yves Carmona

In his enlightened brief, Yves Carmona tells us about Japan and its press actuality, throughout the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party), the economy, and its relations with France. read the full

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JA 18 – Reinforcing Political Leadership – March 2010


The Hatoyama government is undertaking major institutional reforms in order to increase the influence of politicians in the decision- making process. Among the commitments set out in its manifesto, the Democratic Party Japan (Minshutô) has expressed its aim of bringing about a political structure in which “politicians will shoulder their responsibilities instead of delegating them to the civil service” and “the national interest will be safeguarded by the executive, rather than ministers’ interests being defended by their respective branches of the civil service”. The government has begun to implement this programme; bills have been drafted and should be put to the vote before the end of the parliamentary session.




Strengthening the political leadership (Guibourg Delamotte)

The proposed reform to the Japanese civil code: should the age of majority be 18? (Isabelle Konuma)


Yamaguchi Jirô, “The democratisation of the Japanese Democratic Party”, Sekai (translated by Pierre Fauquet)

Wada Haruki, Fujiwara Kiichi, and Kan San-jung, “The reality of Japan’s colonisation of Korea”, Sekai (translated by Guibourg Delamotte)

Takahashi Tetsuya, “Discussing Japan’s wartime responsibility in 2010”, Sekai (translated by Guibourg Delamotte)

by Guibourg Delamotte