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Ominous breaking news coming out of Myanmar

By Romain Caillaud, principal of the consulting firm SIPA Partners and a researcher associated with the Singaporean think tank ISEAS. Ominous breaking news coming out of Myanmar: Ten years

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CA 34 – The new Great Game in Central Asia – Sept 2011


China has set its sights on Central Asia, triggering a new Great Game for power in a region where Europe, Russia and the US have all long sought influence. As the five Central Asian states become increasingly important as a source of oil and gas, a market for consumer goods and as the core of the strategically-important Shanghai Cooperation Organization, China is now “clearly confident it can reorient Central Asia towards Beijing” and away from the world’s other major powers. This issue of China Analysis, published today by the European Council on Foreign Relations and Asia Centre, explores these issues by analysing the evolving debates among experts within China itself. The authors argue that the EU should closely watch Chinese policy in Central Asia – the region is becoming “almost a laboratory for Chinese foreign policy.”




Strengthening the  SCO (Jérôme Doyon)

Energy cooperation between China and Central Asia (Jean-­Pierre Cabestan)

Economic cooperation beyond the energy sector (Marie-Hélène Schwoob)

Addressing instability in Kyrgyzstan (Martina Bassan)