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CA 49 – China’s Expanding Cyberspace – June 2014


China’s rapid economic growth has led to technical developments which have been overcoming bureaucratic rigidity by circumventing it. Chinese web-based companies like Alibaba are revolutionising internet payment and bypassing the state banking system. Social media sites are creating online space for public comment in a society where the Party has previously held a monopoly on the public expression of opinion. As the government attempts to keep up, China’s extraordinary rise in digital social and business innovation is racing ahead.

The latest edition of China Analysis by ECFR and Asia Centre focuses on China’s Expanding Cyberspace.




The mobile revolution and China’s internet giants (Camille Boullenois)

Chinese perspectives on cyber security and international relations (Camille Liffran)

Online finance: a challenge to traditional banking (Agatha Kratz)

Information management and internet regulation in China (Florence Rountree)

Human flesh searches: violating privacy or fighting corruption? (François Quirier)