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G2: as simple as a phone call ?

PDF Jean-François Di Meglio shares a new analysis about the Sino-American discussion, April the 2nd. « April 2nd’s telephone call with president Joe Biden fortified the mutual tone of respect

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[DiploMatrix Q1 2024] • Comparative analysis of the China-Philippines and China-Vietnam pairs • François Issard and Élodie Papin


DiploMatrix ranks the Philippines in the top 10 countries with the highest tensions with China.

In contrast to the deterioration in China-Philippines relations illustrated by the “DiploMatrix” tool, a certain “graphic” stability, or even relative calm, can be observed between China and Vietnam over the same analysis period (2015-2024), a situation that may come as a surprise given the major areas disputed between the two countries. These areas are characterized by both “simple” territorial sovereignty (as in the case of the Philippines) and high economic impact, since they involve the control of potential oil resources, not to mention the competition for fishery resources around the Paracels Islands, for example.

Using Asia Centre’s DiploMatrix tool, François Issard and Élodie Papin offer an analysis of the most tense countries.