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“New style” and new faces


With the upcoming autumn period, Asia Centre is changing, both in style and in substance. You will now find us at www.asiacentre.eu. If we can say so ourselves, we are at last properly coming into our own; it is now easier than ever to find us online, with our email addresses as well as our website that truly reflect who we are. Under our leitmotiv “experts and trends”, we would like to present our new appearance and our new faces. The new website will grant better access to our activities and allow for easier navigation among the output areas of expertise that were until now only available upon request to our members. The entire archive of our articles and publications (including more than 500 texts that have been written since 2005, an absolutely unique database in Europe at the moment) remains easily accessible.


The “value” membership (as well as the “corporate value” membership) awaits you on the private pages of our website. This new look, made possible and brought forward in response to forced lockdowns, is also the product of new faces, who you can meet on the “experts” section of our website. And it’s not only online that finding us has become easier. Actual real-time meetings are finally “back on track,” and with this newsletter we will be able to tell you about our upcoming expert meetings this autumn. We hope to see more of you by our side and in our various meeting circles, and we look forward to seeing you again! If the need for expertise and analysis on Asia has become even more pressing in the times we are experiencing, through the expansion of our teams in Europe and Asia, through our demonstrable attentiveness, we will strive to fill this need.