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The Covid-19 crisis and the balance of power: the seesaw now, overturned



Jean-François Di Meglio and Jean-Yves Colin, Associate Researchers at Asia Centre, were published in Korea Business Magazine #110, in “E-commerce: the Korean exception” – a publication of the FKCCI, the Franco-Korean Chamber of Commerce and of Industry.

Read their article, downloadable with the button above.

A small summary of the edition:

2020 is the year of all records in e-commerce. Travel restrictions but also new aspirations linked to an uncertain economic, social and health climate have accelerated the movement towards the dematerialization of transactions.

In 2020, e-commerce worldwide reached more than 4 trillion dollars, an increase of almost 28%. While France recorded 112 billion euros (+ 8.5%), the e-commerce market in Korea shows an average growth rate of nearly 20% between 2010 and 2020, to reach 131 trillion won, and is rising first in the world in terms of share of online retail trade (over 29%).

The Korean exception is found in all areas, whether it is its digital ecosystem, the structure of its market, the efficiency of its system, or even the habits of its consumers. Korea Business Magazine thus went to meet various players, consultants, sales platforms or companies to gather analyses.

In this issue, you will also find exclusively:

  • La Grande Interview with Sophie Kim, founder and CEO of the online sales platform Market Kurly
  • Interview with Maria Castillo-Fernandez, Ambassador of the European Union to Korea on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement
  • Exclusive interviews with Hyun Ouk Cho, president of LVMH in Korea, and Christian Marcos, CEO of L’Oréal Korea
  • Update on the macroeconomic situation of Korea with the economic services of the French Embassy in Korea
  • Geopolitical situation of Korea with Jean-François Di Meglio, President, and Jean-Yves Colin, Associate Researcher at the Asia Centre

The link to the entire publication can be found here.