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Memo – The Sources of Contemporary Political Thought in Greater China – Launching Asia trends #6, Thinkers’ Corner with the Institut Ricci


Memo of the 19th of October 2021 event.

With Jean-François Di Meglio (Asia Centre), Michel Masson (Institut Ricci), Isabelle Thireau (EHESS), John Lagerwey (Institut Ricci).
Memo by Soo Min Hong

Each month, Le Coin des Penseurs (Thinkers’ Corner) allows a Western audience to discover an article published in different journals and media forms across China. Reviewed and annotated by the translators, they provide a Chinese reading of the events and key points of reflection on the country in recent years. Their topicality, the sharpness of the gaze carried by these Chinese authors, whatever the political, spiritual, or political context in which they express themselves, makes this work carried out by Father Michel Masson, François Hominal and a few other contributors a benchmark whose merit exceeds that of a simple translation. It is really a “bridge” between two referent universes, which is even more precious at a time when dialogue with China is getting more difficult. This also reinforces the guiding principle behind the work of Asia Centre, “Asia at the source”, making it possible to read significant texts from their original version.
  • Opening remarks by Jean-François Di Meglio
  • Introducing Le Coin des Penseurs with Michel Masson
  • Contextualising the significance of Le Coin des Penseurs with Isabelle Thireau
  • Main panel with Jean-François Di Meglio, John Lagerwey, and Michel Masson
  • Q&A