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Asia Centre events: India, Against Winds and Tides – Meeting with Claude Blanchemaison


A warm thank you to those that attended our event at the Les Maisons du Voyage, for the meeting with Claude Blanchemaison, author of the book “L’Inde, contre vents et marées” (India, Against Winds and Tides)! Here below was what our successful event looked like:

The meeting will be moderated by Jean-Luc Racine (Asia Centre) and Tirthankar Chanda (RFI).

Claude Blanchemaison, former Asia-Oceania Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was Ambassador to India at a pivotal time (1996-2000), before becoming Ambassador to Russia. In his latest book, he reflects on Indian power and the challenges, internal and external, facing the country: from Covid-19 to the economy, from social and cultural dynamics to political dynamics, from India to Hindu nationalism to geopolitical and strategic questions, he provides a broad panorama of the country, which is completed, on another scale, by a final chapter evoking a dozen cities emblematic of Indian diversity.

Tirthankar Chanda, is a journalist at the internet editorial staff of Radio France Internationale (RFI). He works on subjects relating to political and cultural life in Africa and South Asia. He also hosts the weekly column “Writing Paths” on RFI, which gives a voice to black writers.

Jean-Luc Racine is emeritus research director at CNRS (Centre for the Studies of India and South Asia of the EHESS), and senior researcher at Asia Centre.

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You can find and read Claude Blanchemaison’s new book here.