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Asia Centre: new staff, right stuff

Asia Centre proudly announces Clément Durif’s joining as a Junior Reseach Fellow on a full-time basis starting September, 1st, 2022. He will be a key contributor to the Horizon program within the frame of the madate granted by the European Commission to a consortium which Asia Centre is part of. Clément had regularly contributed to Asia Centre’s output after he had been an intern with us in 2020. His research, especially in the study of Chinese economy, will add tremendous value to our publications.
As a reminder, Clément Durif holds a master’s degree in International Economic Policy from the School of International Affairs of Sciences Po Paris (PSIA). Specialized in Chinese and more generally Asian economic issues, he also studied one year at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) as part of an exchange programme. After various internship experiences in consulting and market analysis in the tech and innovation sector, Clément delved more into the macroeconomic field. He recently graduated from the Barcelona School of Economics (BSE) with a second master’s degree in Specialized Economic Analysis, more specifically in the International Trade, Finance and Development programme (ITFD).