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(French & English)

1- Explicit and Implicit: China’s Ambivalence about Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Yitzhak Shichor

2- L’ambivalence des relations russo-chinoises et le « Sud global »

Pierre Andrieu

3- 2022, l’année de la renaissance du G20 ? Une étude des stratégies nationales des pays-
membres asiatiques au sommet de Bali 

Camille S Liou et Florian Veslin

4- A New Delhi, le Raisina dialogue: miroir du
monde et porte-voix de l’Inde

Jean-Luc Racine

5- Afghanistan in Asia a year and a half after
the Taliban take-over

Samira Grotto

6- Notes de lecture: « Le dossier chinois » et « The China coup »

Jean-François Di Meglio

Asia Trends #9 – Summer 2023 – The Russia-Ukraine War through an Asian Lens

Issue 9 of Asia Trends highlights major events in Asia. This issue includes important contributions such as those by Professor Schichor on modern China, Pierre Andrieu on China-Russia relations, and Florian Veslin and Camille Schischmanoff on the Bali G20 and Asia's growing role in global governance. A recent contribution by Jean-Luc Racine discusses the new role of India. The issue also highlights the work of a new generation of researchers, including Samira Grotto who explores the situation in Afghanistan....

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