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Picture of Pascale Beracha

Pascale Beracha

Pascale Beracha is a former Controller General, Economic and Financial. She has a diverse interministerial background (Economy and Finance, Foreign Affairs and Transport).

A former student of the Ecole Nationale d’Administration, she specialises in conducting international, financial (debt rescheduling at the Paris Club) or sectoral (competition rules in maritime transport, air agreement with the United States, audiovisual quotas ….) negotiations, but also in summarising economic and financial dossiers, particularly in view of major multilateral events (summit of the 7 under the French Presidency, creation of the EBRD).

She also has experience in conducting audit and reorganisation missions and in coordinating the technical cooperation of economic and financial ministries with China (exchanges on public policies with a dozen Chinese central administrations). She is particularly interested in international policy – in terms of interministerial coordination of international negotiations and intensification of dialogue with China – but also in State reform with the piloting of major structural reforms.

Published analyses - Asia Centre

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