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Philippe Chalmin

Philippe Chalmin

Philippe CHALMIN is Professor of Economic History at the University of Paris Dauphine since 1994 and Director of the Master 212 “International Affairs” since 1999.

He is :

– Founder and President since 1985 of CyclOpe, the main research and study structure in France on international markets.

– Economic columnist on BFM and BFM TV, Le Figaro and Le Monde. – President of the Observatory of Food Price Formation and Margins for the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Economy and Finance.

– Author or Director of some forty books and numerous scientific articles.

– Consultant to the World Bank and the European Union. – Lecturer.

Numerous missions of a scientific and administrative nature, including

– Member of the scientific council of the observatory and statistics department of the General Commission for Sustainable Development. – Member of the Scientific Council of INERIS.

– Member of the scientific committee of the Axelera competitiveness cluster (chemistry and environment of Rhône Alpes).

From 1998 to 2000, he was President of the Société d’Economie Politique, of which he is now Honorary President.

Philippe CHALMIN is a graduate of HEC (1974), agrégé d’histoire (1977), Doctor of Letters and Humanities (PhD in History) (1981).

Since the end of the seventies, he has been following the evolution of the French agricultural and agri-food world, as shown by his first works on the economy of the sectors and his more recent reflections on the evolution of agricultural policies, particularly in Europe.

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