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Ketagalan Forum 2023

In her enlightened brief, Isabelle Feng highlights the Ketagalan 2023 Forum in Taiwan (Taipei). On August 8, 2023, the 7th edition of the Forum took place at the Grand Hyatt

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CA 17 – Jan/Feb 2008


Starting with this issue, the European Council on Foreign Relations has the pleasure of introducing China Analysis to a new readership. This is a bi-monthly analytical survey of Chinese news and debate, written by fellows of ECFR Asia Centre at Sciences Po in Paris. A French edition of China Analysis has been available since 2005.

China is now one of the European Union’s two main external partners, second only to the United States. Its economy is growing faster than India’s or Brazil’s. Evaluating developments in China and Chinese thinking remains difficult. It is easy for Europeans to follow U.S. news and domestic debates, and almost as easy to pick up news and trends from India’s academic journals and vibrant domestic press, much of which is published in English. There is substantial news coverage of China, but it relies almost exclusively on English language sources such as foreign media or official Chinese publications aimed at foreign audiences.




Re-launching political liberalisation?

Singapore: governance without democracy?

Will an energy minister bring greater coherence to this sector?


Price controls or disruptions in Chinese economic policy

Economic publications attack a “French style” labour law

Local people should assess the way cadres manage environmental issues


2008: a complicated year for Chinese diplomacy

Should the European Union be taken seriously?

Africa caught up in AFRICOM, the new American military high-command


The legislative elections, first round of the presidential contest?

The economic programmes of the presidential candidates