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Ketagalan Forum 2023

In her enlightened brief, Isabelle Feng highlights the Ketagalan 2023 Forum in Taiwan (Taipei). On August 8, 2023, the 7th edition of the Forum took place at the Grand Hyatt

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CA 54 – China: Taking Stock Before the Paris Climate Conference – Sept 2015


China has begun to take action to turn the tide against pollution and unconstrained carbon emissions. For the Chinese people, their polluted environment is of course an even more urgent issue than the longer-term problem of carbon emissions and climate change. Quite apart from international criticism, China’s leadership has been directly affected by the “airpocalypse” of 2013-2014 – which had an impact on the majority of China’s population – along with problems such as nickel and cadmium soil poisoning.

However, reversing or halting the trend of environmental degradation will require huge and systemic policy change – and, above all, a change in mindset. As China is a statedriven economy and society, government policy and local administrations are key to bringing about change. This task is made more difficult by conflicting pressures from vested interests and from civil society.

Each issue of China Analysis focuses on a specific theme and draws mainly on Chinese mainland sources. However, it also monitors content in Chinese-language publications from Hong Kong and Taiwan, which occasionally include news and analysis that is not published in the mainland and reflects the diversity of Chinese thinking.




Anticipating COP 21: The US-China announcement on climate change (Camille Boullenois)

A review of recent developments in China’s climate and environmental policy (Pierre Nabé)

Enforcing environmental law: Civil society and the Chinese legal system (Hugo Winckler)

Environmental issues in China: the debate before the Tianjin accident (Camille Liffran)