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Other analyses

A Trip to Japan — Yves Carmona

In his enlightened brief, Yves Carmona tells us about Japan and its press actuality, throughout the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party), the economy, and its relations with France. read the full

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A Pakistani Overview of Pakistan-China Relations: From Geopolitical Compulsions to a Strengthening Co-operation


Note n°19 de l’Observatoire de la Chine, par S. Kanwal Hassan (PhD student, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Historic relations between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the People’s Republic of China have been based on common interests; their security and defense cooperation has been enhanced due to their common animosity with India. But as China’s relationship with India changed course for the better in the 1990s Pakistan and China have searched for new avenues of co-operation. This paper traces Pakistan’s bilateral relationship with China in a geopolitical context while commenting on the changes which occurred in the South Asian region.

The resulting analysis helps understanding the current status of the relationship between Pakistan and China. The paper looks at various dimensions of China Pakistan Economic Corridor and highlights its political, security and strategic implications for Pakistan and China. It also finds that military cooperation has deepened in the past decade. However, a similar trend in trade/commerce has yet to follow if both countries want to become strategic partners in the true spirit of the term.

  • A Historical Analysis of the Bilateral Relationship
    • An overview of the first sixty-three years of Pakistan-China Relations
    • A period of deepening Cooperation (2001-2012)
  • Pakistan-China Relations since 2012: The Economy Takes the Lead?
  • The Political, Military and Geo-strategic Implications of the CPEC
    • Defense Co-operation and Security Risks: Terrorism and Xinjiang
    • An Ever Closer Military Cooperation
  • Conclusions