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Ketagalan Forum 2023

In her enlightened brief, Isabelle Feng highlights the Ketagalan 2023 Forum in Taiwan (Taipei). On August 8, 2023, the 7th edition of the Forum took place at the Grand Hyatt

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Thailand: The Making of a Near-Antarctic State

Thailand (4)

Hadrien T. Saperstein, researcher for Asia Centre, specialising in maritime strategic thought and strategic foresight analysis for the Indo-Pacific region, is analysing in the following article published by The Geopolitics review Thailand’s efforts in Antarctica even though they are still nascent and currently civilian-led.

And here are other articles about Thailand and Asia-Pacific written by Hadrien T. Saperstein: one about Thailand’s space program and another one dealing with Biden’s challenges in the region respectively published by 9Dashline and the Lowy Institute.