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Webinar: “Why, how, and where (to) is Asia rebalancing its O&G trade flows?”


On Sept. 26 Trade Data Monitor Chief Economic Analyst John W. Miller and a panel of experts discussed Asia’s changing energy needs and how the region is rebalancing oil and gas trade in the wake of Covid-19, the war in Ukraine, the U.S. fracking revolution, and other geopolitical trends. They presented detailed analysis of crucial trade flows based on the most recent statistical analysis and talked about where things may be headed.

Watch the video recording


Speaker: John Miller*

Panel: François Issard**, Jean-François Di Meglio

Moderator: Jean-Baptiste Monnier


* John W. Miller is Trade Data Monitor’s Chief Economic Analyst. John is an award-winning journalist who’s reported from 45 countries for the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and NPR. As a staff reporter for the Wall Street Journal, he covered all aspects of global trade, including the World Trade Organization, the Doha Round, tariff negotiations, smuggling, customs, counterfeit goods, global commodities, steel and mining, USTR, the EU Commission, bilateral and multilateral negotiations, key disputes such as Airbus-Boeing, and regulatory issues across the spectrum. He is co-director of the acclaimed PBS documentary film “Moundsville.” John is from Brussels, and is fluent in English and French.


**François Issard has a Master in Geosciences and an Engineering degree from the French Petroleum Institute (ENSPM). 40 years of exposure to technical, operational and managerial positions in the Oil and Gas industry in Africa, Europe, the United States and Asia gave him the opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge of world energy balance and energy transition matters, a competency which he is now applying as an International Consultant and an Executive Member of Asia Centre.