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Asia Debates: The Mood In Taïwan Before The Elections


In this podcast, Jean-François Di Meglio chairman of Asia Centre welcomed Isabelle Feng, back from a 4 months stay in Taiwan, she presented her measure of the pulse. As a mainlander, Isabelle shared her insights about Beijing’s moves and how the Taiwanese people are reacting to these pressures.

You can listen to this podcast both and Spotify and Apple Podcast

Specialized in China’s economy and foreign policy including China-EU and China-USA relations, Isabelle Feng is a scientific associate at the Perelman Centre for the Philosophy of Law at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

They discussed about the mood in Taiwan before the elections throughout the following subjects.

They delved into the prevailing mood in Taiwan leading up to the elections, exploring various facets of the discussion. Both participants provided a nuanced overview, drawing attention to the electoral landscape shaped by factors such as the constitution of the Republic of China and the ongoing modifications to its universal suffrage system. The conversation also shed light on the dynamics of political parties during the Yuan legislative period.

With I. Feng recently returning from Taiwan, she shared valuable insights into the current state of public opinion. The dialogue then transitioned to an analysis of the perspectives of Xi Jinping and Biden. The discussion culminated in reflections on the post-election scenario and prospects for the future.

This research is part of a European Commission project “China Horizons” (formal name is “Dealing with a resurgent China” or DWARC) which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 101061700. The project is one of the EU-funded flagship projects to upgrade independent knowledge on China in Europe. The three-year project started in November 2022.