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Autres analyses

A Trip to Japan — Yves Carmona

In his enlightened brief, Yves Carmona tells us about Japan and its press actuality, throughout the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party), the economy, and its relations with France. read the full

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Ketagalan Forum 2023

In her enlightened brief, Isabelle Feng highlights the Ketagalan 2023 Forum in Taiwan (Taipei). On August 8, 2023, the 7th edition of the Forum took place at the Grand Hyatt

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Sino-Afghan relations: a self-interested approach underpinning security and strategic issues in the region

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Noé Martinez and Lucas Cosset, two junior research fellows at Asia Centre, analyse Sino-Afghan relations in their co-written brief. These relations are marked by cooperation in various areas (trade, investment, security). Indeed, Afghanistan’s important geostrategic position has aroused China’s interest in its regional policy. As a result, there are two key issues driving China’s policy towards Afghanistan: security and the economy/energy.

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