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[Event] Insights into South Korea


On April 22, 2024, Asia Centre hosted a distinguished event delving into the complexities of South Korea, featuring renowned guests Professor Jae-Seung LEE and President Byung-il CHOI.

Professor LEE, holding the prestigious Jean Monnet Chair in the College of International Studies and directing the Ilmin International Relations Institute (IIRI) at Korea University, alongside President CHOI, esteemed for his expertise in economics and presidency of the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, provided invaluable insights into the nation’s dynamics.

Accompanied by 15 esteemed guests from various sectors encompassing politics and business, the closed-door session fostered an enriching exchange of ideas and perspectives on South Korea’s multifaceted landscape.

A central focus of the discourse was the recent Korean elections and their profound impacts on international relations. Both experts elaborated on the implications of these elections, shedding light on South Korea’s economic journey from an economic miracle to its current resilient state. The discussion didn’t merely dwell on the past but also looked forward, examining Korea’s adaptive ecosystem and its pivotal global role amidst rapid shifts in economic paradigms and geopolitical dynamics. Insights were shared on South Korea’s strategic positioning amidst these changes, including its relationship with Mainland China’s growing market. Additionally, the session delved into the complexities of the Korean-Japanese relationship and South Korea’s connection with the United States, analyzing their significance in regional stability and global partnerships.

In essence, the event provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of South Korea’s politics, economy, and strategic positioning in today’s dynamic global landscape. The insights shared by Professor LEE and President CHOI illuminated the complexities and opportunities inherent in South Korea’s trajectory, offering valuable perspectives for all participants.